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SCIG is all about giving back to the community and volunteering. SCIG is an organization operated by ordinary people who live in the area - both full-time and seasonal.


SCIG would greatly appreciate support by volunteering to help at our events or help fullfilling some of our project goals. If you're not interested in becoming a member but would like to volunteer, we are happy to have the help!


Ask us about volunteering opportunities by going to our CONTACT US page.


Thank you for your interest!


SCIG holds regularly scheduled monthly meetings the second Tuesday of every month. SCIG also holds executive board member elections annually and board member elections at special times. As a registered 501(c)3 Non-profit organization we are required by law to do so. If you'd like to attend a meeting to see how we operate, we'd be glad to have you. There is absolutely no obligation to join SCIG if you attend a meeting. Thank you in advance for your interest and support. 


The responsibilities of a board member are to:

•Attend monthly board meetings

•Engage in open dialogue with other members of SCIG and of the community

•Vote on specific actions, events, improvement projects, etc... that SCIG would be sponsoring. 

•Assist at events or with projects when one's time permits


There are many ways to get involved and some don't even require leaving the comfort of your home! With the dominance of social media in our everyday lives - there are many ways you can help SCIG become more visible in our community and from anywhere on the planet.


If you simply like to keep up on what we're doing and care to share that with others; it helps us achieve our goals. We greatly appreciate the support in any way you can provide it and visiting our Facebook page or other social media and sharing our posts, will greatly increase our presence!



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