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SCIG was founded with the purpose of improving the appeal of Sidney Center by coming together to promote the beautification of the small Hamlet by simply cleaning up.


In 2005 a Group of motivated and concerned residents of Sidney Center got together to hold a hamlet-wide clean up. The success of the event lead these residents to continue gathering in hopes of spreading the


Following the devastating flooding of 2006, a small group of concerned residents gathered in 2006 to discuss how they could make a difference in aftermath of the floods. It started by hosting events and opportunities for all to help and get involved in their community. This concern resonated with everyone in attendance at initial meetings which motivated them to continue in this pursuit by becoming a fully-recognized non-profit organization with beautification and improvement at it's core. Since it's inception SCIG has managed to not only help beautify the hamlet but encourage many residents to do the same with their own properties and contribute to the greater good of the community. SCIG has facilitated the purchase and maintenance of 40+ flower barrels and the construction of new planters throughout the hamlet, as well as a new community sign/planter. SCIG has also held several successful annual events, free to the public and for the purpose



•Annual Purchase and Planting for 40+ Flower Barrels

•Several Planters throughout the Hamlet

•Construction of a planter to hold Community Sign

•Free Plant Exchange

•O'Conner Foundation Grant for Community Improvement Initiatives

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